What's New 2017

20 Sep 17 Flyer published. Print it and stick it up at work, etc.

15 Sep 17 The 2017 Big Trig will be in Belmont Regional Park. It will offer 3, 6 and 9hours rogaining on Sunday 3 Dec. And in a new twist, you can do 3 of your hours in the dark on Saturday 2 Dec, for a 20% points premium! Entries will open in October.

The Big Trig - What Is It?

A rogaine is a navigational contest for teams on foot, with a fixed time limit. OHV ran NZ's first rogaine in 1991, and since then we've organised rogaines from 1 to 24hrs - in the city, on the edges, and in the bush. Each year we like to put on a "middle-sized" rogaine that appeals to all groups - tough adventurer racers to weekend warriors to family groups. It's usually between 6-12 hours long. Of course you can sample the area with a shorter option.

"The Big Trig" is our name for for it. Big means its bigger than our regular rogaines. Trig means there's some hills. The subtitle usually indicates where it is. We've got a huge amount of terrain all around us - the start is usually within an hour of downtown. In 2017 we revisit Belmont Regional Park where we started in 1991.


2017 entry will open soon. In the meantime last year's info will give you an idea of what to expect.

The Nitty Gritty

What, Where, When, Rules of the Game, Maps and Cards, Safety, Gear List. Everyone should read this in the last few days before the event, when it will be in its final form. This is the 2016 version, but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

Rogaining in NZ

A rogaine is a navigational contest for teams on foot. It grew out of tramping in Australia in the 70's, and has been going in New Zealand since 1991.

Control points are marked on a map and teams of 2-5 people visit as many as they can within a fixed time. The classic rogaine is held in rural terrain over 24 hours. All teams start together, choose from the same controls, and finish together. Some teams are competitive; others enjoy the challenge and the scenery. New Zealand is good at competitive rogaining, with kiwi world champions and NZ twice hosting the world champs.

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