Old Stuff

This is a place to put ancient history, etc. (OHV was the first to run a rogaine in NZ:-)) This from the 2018 "Tour de Wainui". Page down for earlier stuff.

11 Nov 18 Results have been checked and claims assessed against successful visits. Claim for 73 allowed, those for 63 and 74 disallowed. We've compiled the top routes which show a variety of approaches - link from the results page. Plus a link to the Strava Flybys feature where you can display routes from those who had GPS tracking going. 

10 Nov 18 The Lightning Speed Robots topped the 6hr Big Trig in fine conditions today, while no-one was able to "Keep up with the Jones's" in the 3. Unchecked results have been posted.

8 Nov 18 A good slate of entries especially for the 6hr. The 3hr would be great for new rogainers, remember late entries can be accepted subject to limited extra maps. A bit of weather will breeze thru in the next couple of days but Saturday is looking good. 

5 Nov 18 Entries now listed on Enter page. Planners Keri and Rob have gathered 90 points and are busy cutting them down to 40-50. The area combines the best of several afterwork rogaine areas with some completely new territory. We've moved a couple of minimum gear items to "per team". 

31 Oct 18 The close of normal entries has been extended to Wed 7 November. Planning is rocketing along and new tracks are being discovered as we speak. 

11 Oct 18 The Big Trig 2018 will be in the wilds of Wainuiomata. Durations will be 3 and 6 hours.

9 Aug 18 This year's Big Trig will be on Sat 10 November. Stand by for length options and location. Keri Devine and Rob Smith will do the planning.


This from 2017 Belmont Regional Park. Page down for earlier stuff.

Some comments Monday 4 Dec from course planner Mark Malone. Who said he was whacked today. No wonder, he's probably the only person to have been to every control...

  • #64 was most popular with 22 visits (the bidi bidis won), with #59, #69 & #23 getting 20-21 visits.
  • 18 teams found the hut at #100. #51, #53, #82, #65 and #91 round out the top 10 with 14 or more each.
  • All the top 10 CPs were in the bush area to the south, with the exception of #91 not far north of the start/finish.
  • No one went to Dry Creek CPs 52,63, 30, or 54 in the top NW, and only one team went to 7 of the northern/eastern-most points.
  • Many of the three hour teams were tempted by the high points in the bush, but struggled to get back in time. There were plenty of points closer to home, but hopefully the bush was more fun, and points and time became a secondary concern.

Now here are some top routes. We have taken some liberties to try and make them legible, especially on popular routes. But of course teams were not necessarily there at the same time, or going in the same direction! For an animation, visit the Strava Fly-Bys feature. We suggest you un-tick Megan, Andy, John, Dan and Peter, they were non-rogainers who just happened to be in the area. Jon and Emilee were in the same team, so un-tick one of them. That still leaves 6 dots to follow as they wend their way across your screen:-)) Enjoy (without the sweat and pain...)

And here is a log of "What's New" from 2017

8 Dec 17 The routes of the top two teams in each category have been plotted on the map.

4 Dec 17 Checked results posted. Try this Strava Fly-By. You'll have to un-select a few non-rogainer routes, and you may wish to play each rogaine category separately. And mull over some of the stories and stats that have been generated.

3 Dec  17 Preliminary Results have been posted. Great day. A win to the Bidi Bidis I think... Checking later. And some winning routes.

28 Nov 17 Risk register added at bottom of Nitty Gritty page. Weather forecast.

24 Nov 17. 25 teams, spread over 3, 6 and 9 hours. 6 are going to do the night section. Yes we can squeeze in a few late entries!

23 Nov 17 Our contact person Michael Wood has been having some difficulties receiving email at his mapsport address - and you may have received a "bounce" message. Here's an alternative: gmichael (dot) wood (at) gmail.com. Michael's ISP is working on the problem.

16 Nov The "Nitty Gritty" section has all the info you need to take part. Entries are due next week, on 23 Nov. See who your rivals are, on the "Enter" page.

19 Oct 17 Entries Open

20 Sep 17 Flyer published. Print it and stick it up at work, etc.

15 Sep 17 The 2017 Big Trig will be in Belmont Regional Park. It will offer 3, 6 and 9hours rogaining on Sunday 3 Dec. And in a new twist, you can do 3 of your hours in the dark on Saturday 2 Dec, for a 20% points premium! Entries will open in October.

30 Aug 17 This year's Big Trig will be on 2 and/or 3 December. Stand by for length options and location. Mark  Malone is in charge.



This from 2016 Catchpool. Page down for earlier stuff.

May contain gossip and rumour from the 2016 Big Trig, in days to come. Right now, its a place to put some top routes. We have of course made some assumptions about routes between controls.

For those of you on Strava, there appear to be 11 rogaine tracks there, and you can replay the event through the "Fly-By" feature. Un-tick Paul and Rhonda, they are probably non-rogainers who just happened by.

A bad decision at the end of the 4 hours robbed "Powerpuff-ing Girls" of what could have been 4th place and top women's team. Their struggle down thru the scratchy 23-55-51 route left them over the maximum 30min lateness. Racing down the Butcher track, even without picking up 41 and 60, could have got them home in time. The team are 2nd-year engineering students at Auckland Uni.

Andrew McLellan (Poohtours, 3rd place in the 8 hours) was in doubt for the event due to a suspected broken toe. In spite of that the team topped 2000 points. We suspect the women in the team may have carried him...

An interesting confirmation of OHV's whistle policy (which applies to all its non-urban orienteering events as well as rogaines). Arthur Klap (5th place in the 4 hours)  roused his dozing neighbours into action after the big earthquake with - a whistle. He lives at tsumani level in Evans Bay.

Winners of the 8hr category were Dan Jones and Weston Hill. Jones is the son of Neil Jones, adventure racer and Coast to Coast winner. They beat top orienteer Nick Hann and Theo Wordsworth by 130 points, including the 706m Mt McKerrow as well as the southern loop. 

The southern loop in a clockwise direction formed the "Trampers Marathon" circuit, a race which had to be done in boots. The course went thru to the river, down to almost #91, straight up the ridge to #92, and finished with a crazy descent down the 55-51 ridge. This had pine trees then and was much less scratchy - but no less steep!

The present-day "Orongorongo Track" is a relatively modern construction. The traditional route to the Orongorongo River, known as "The 5-mile Track" is still there in parts though increasingly overgrown. See the dotty track from Clay Forks (near#11) past #30 and continuing on the north side of the current track. Yes its not 5 miles - that measure possibly starts on Coast Road. In fact early trampers would take the ferry to Days Bay, and start their expedition from there! 

We have NEVER had cellphone coverage in the Catchpool Valley. But Keri Devine's mobile got reception at a very specific point in the event centre shelter. Other networks - no go. Others on the same network - no go. So they are very worthwhile including in the safety gear even if the chances seem low. 

We need to pull in the ribbons over the next few weeks, a good chance for some more training for the Australasian Rogaine Champs in Southland next Feb! Please consult us first, Keri and Rob placed a number of ribbons that weren't used, and they need to come in too. In the longer term it would be good to visit all the un-verified huts, and to plot the tracks that inevitably connect them to the 4WD track or the river. Could be a nice little mini-rogaine around 22-82-92 for example:-))

Some stats. There were 38 teams containing 94 people. Control 31 was most popular but even so, not every team visited - 36. The next was strange - #81 with 33 visits - right up on Cattle Ridge. Guess it was valuable, and various ways of approach meant the surrounding ones didn't figure quite as highly. Number 72 nearby had 32 visits. At the other end, 3 teams visited #40 on one of three ways up McKerrow, and 4 teams visited 48 (furthest up the river), and 61, 70 and 100 (high up on McKerrow) You are welcome to dig into the raw result spreadsheet.


The log of "What's New" represents a diary of the 2015 event at Eastbourne.

1 Dec 2015 We've been through the cards, tidied up the maths, and adjusted the results. All the while being diverted by the routes you took! The winning 4hr team was really good for a mixed team (gender and nationality:-)) But the 7-hour boys REALLY impressed, with multiple climbs of everything in sight! Only two controls left untouched! Take a look at their routes.

28 Nov 2015 The Epics came within 60pts of clearing the course today, while there were some excellent performances throughout the field. The rain band had passed by first start and teams enjoyed ample food in warm sunshine afterwards. Preliminary results under the results tab.

26 Nov 2015 Team reports illness, so the other member is looking for a team in a similar situation, or prepared to take an extra into their team (7hrs). Let us know.

22 Nov 2015 Teams are listed under the Enter tab.

20 Nov 2015 Today we selected the scores, always a fun activity. Time to acknowledge Jason Markham who originally set the course in 2012, Debbie Mansfield and Gordon Balfour who have visited all the control sites. And Michael Wood who looks after our mapping and will produce the 1:20,000 map with 10m contours.

18 Nov 2015, updated 20 Nov A little website glitch today, of all days the due date for ordinary entries. Just like a hard to find control, we had to look around a bit for the solution. Now we have a 33yo American woman looking for a team - she works in Yosemite Nat Park and sounds pretty fit, but is new to rogaining. Also a 50-something Hutt Valley member, very experienced. Let us know (via michael dot wood at mapsport.co.nz) if you could partner one of these.

23 Sep 2015 Entry for the 2015 Big Trig is now open. Help us promote the event. Download flyer here.

20 Sep 2015 The Big Trig is on again for 2015! Bookmark Sat 28 November. The venue will be the lovely native bush of East Harbour Regional Park, starting at Eastbourne. The course will be a re-run of the 7-hour Waitangi21 event from 2012, but in daylight it will look sooo different! Entries will open by 28 Sep. 2014


The log of "What's New" represents a diary of the 2014 event at Whareroa.

3 Dec 2014 We've checked the results, and a number of you get a D- for maths! We accept a D- for placement of controls 63 and 64, but the other claims we haven't allowed, when the majority get them then you have to take it on the chin:-)) The top three in each class are unchanged, and only a few shuffles further down. We'd like to get further comment on the website but there's a little rogaine down south that we have to get to. See some of you at Nevis!

29 Nov14 And it WAS good. Jamie Stewart and Casper Harmer Wgtn) won the 9hr, Gillian and Malcolm Ingham and Just Ruthless (new Plym) equal-scored in the 6hr, and James Watson/Shane Wilson from Waipuk took the 3hr. Provisional results (for 2014) have been posted, adding will be checked, ties sorted by finish time, late-night spelling mistakes fixed etc.

26 Nov 2014 For the 3hr teams only, we've made the gear list a checklist rather than a requirement, see Nitty Gritty. The weather forecast for Saturday is looking good!

21 Nov 2014 A healthy entry across all distances, see under "Results" to make sure you are there. We'll take late entries within the limit of our map printing, same goes if you want to add someone to your team. PS We have a rogainer looking for a team-mate. And we have an Auck team looking for a ride on the day from downtown Welly.

11 Nov 2014 Entries are flowing in, we're periodically stashing them under the "Results" tab. Just over a week to normal entry close. Meanwhile we've got to the fun stage of choosing scores for the control sites!

24 Oct 2014 Event centre announced. The 2014 Big Trig will start at Whareroa Farm, on SH1 just north of Paekakariki. Families will be able to score points in Queen Elizabeth Park. Tough rogainers will get well into the Aka's. And those in between could sample a bit of both. Normal entries close on 19 Nov.

15 Oct 2014 Download flyer here. Help us promote the event. We're hard at work in the field. And STILL discovering new tracks in the bush!

26 Sep 2014 Entries for 2014 are now open.

5 Aug 2014 Latest Bigtrig Rogaine Announced. OHV's big rogaine this year will be a 3/6/9hr event in the Akatarawas, on Sat 29 Nov. It will be an event worth coming to, with rugged native bush, fantastic views over Cook Strait, and some easy areas for family groups. More information will be here soon, and entries will open by the end of September.


30 Nov 2013 Results (for 2013) posted and a quick comment

15 Sep 2013 Website kicked off


Planner's comment on Belmont 2013

A fairly rugged day weatherwise: very high winds, rain and mist on the tops. But with the expectation of improvement by mid afternoon (and hope of sensible route choice by teams) we were under way. We were rewarded by very pleasant conditions for the food, and everyone back within about 10min of schedule.

The planners knew that the course was plenty big enough. A guess was that a top kiwi team would perhaps get 2000 or so out of 2500 points. Those kiwis are probably at the World AR Champs in Costa Rica right now so a score of 1500 might do it. Quite a close guess, with the Lightning Speed Robots getting 1460. Anything over 100 points an hour is a very good effort, you can't contour round anywhere to save height!

Winning 10hr route (assumed from answer sheet): 27 63 84 (the vague-track D) 72 (Belmont Trig) 55 47 56 57 48 (most of this in the sheltered Korokoro valley) 28 3C 46 92 (big tree near bottom of Kelson) 53 83 (the scratchy D, the code was "Pain") 43 61 30 (Boulder Hill) 90 42 20 81 41 60 (all round the big hill north of the 8 bunkers) 70 91 (the third D at the 10m waterfall) 44 3A and it must have been an effort to finish clean as there were a couple just off the route back that were untouched. 1min to spare. Good effort guys! I think delaying time on the exposed tops till later on may have helped.

Winning 6hr route (there could be lots of 6hr routes which would give a similar result): 7 12 27 63 (the vague-track D) 84 56 47 (Baked Beans waterfall) 55 72 3B 54 71 51 (near Takapu substation) 82 35 37 3A (Cannons Head) 26 (Middle Ridge) and home. 5min spare. Close result with next team just 5pts behind.

We've put the map into a thing on the web called "RouteGadget". This is mainly designed to compare orienteering runners when split-time data is available, but it can be used simply to compare routes. Go to the website and find "The Big Trig" among the events there. Click on "draw route", pick your team, and click your way round the map. (You can "undo" if you make a mistake.) Then "save route" into the database. When several teams have done this you can choose your rivals and make comparisons!

We're interested in the performance of the waterproof maps and score sheets. We have the sheets, if your map didn't stand up to a Wellington gale we want to know. In fact if you send it in we'll send back a nice clean copy on ordinary paper. Hurry stocks are limited! (The address to use: Michael Wood 5 Atahu Grove Lower Hutt 5010 and don't forget YOUR address for return.)