Gossip, Rumour and Statistics

A place to put stories from 2017 - yours and ours. Happy to post your comments. We've asked the top teams for their routes and will display them on a map.

Some comments Monday 4 Dec from course planner Mark Malone. Who said he was whacked today. No wonder, he's probably the only person to have been to every control...

  • #64 was most popular with 22 visits (the bidi bidis won), with #59, #69 & #23 getting 20-21 visits.
  • 18 teams found the hut at #100. #51, #53, #82, #65 and #91 round out the top 10 with 14 or more each.
  • All the top 10 CPs were in the bush area to the south, with the exception of #91 not far north of the start/finish.
  • No one went to Dry Creek CPs 52,63, 30, or 54 in the top NW, and only one team went to 7 of the northern/eastern-most points.
  • Many of the three hour teams were tempted by the high points in the bush, but struggled to get back in time. There were plenty of points closer to home, but hopefully the bush was more fun, and points and time became a secondary concern.

Friday 8 Dec, here are some top routes. We have taken some liberties to try and make them legible, especially on popular routes. But of course teams were not necessarily there at the same time, or going in the same direction! For an animation, visit the Strava Fly-Bys feature. We suggest you un-tick Megan, Andy, John, Dan and Peter, they were non-rogainers who just happened to be in the area. Jon and Emilee were in the same team, so un-tick one of them. That still leaves 6 dots to follow as they wend their way across your screen:-))  Enjoy (without the sweat and pain...)