Results 2016

The Big Trig 2016 - Catchpool

Link here to the 2015 results, the 2014 results, the 2013 results.

Here are the 2016 results after the electoral college (ie other teams) have voted on the claims. We've checked the maths, asterisks indicate aritmetic changes from your calcs on the day, and hash signs indicate changes from the arithmetically updated version. The claim adjustments are summarised below the table. If we have muffed the changes, "correspondence will be gladly entered into!"

T/No Team Name Members Time Score
898 Weston and Dan

Dan Jones, Weston Hill

7:50 2470
870 Easy Tiger Nick Hann Theo Wordsworth 7:46 2340
871 Poohtours Jo McKenzie Andrew McLellan Hariette Carr 7:58 2090
867 More Pros than Cons Jeremy Stewart Andrew Crowley Emilee Walby 8:02 1930
837 Stray the Course Mark Malone Geoff Ferry Philip Secker 7:54 1910
841 The WOCer's are Back Simon Teesdale Rachel Baker 7:56 1910*
881 Dick and Co Dick Dinsdale, Gordon Balfour 7:55 1860*


Nicole Ranger Matt Davies AJ Millward 7:58 1800*
848 Lara & Leon

Leon Perry Lara Shepherd

7:54 1770
892 Ironsacs Matt Lash Leah Barnfield 7:57 1760
823 Honey Badgers James Fraser Robyn Cameron-Jones 7:54 1740
843 The Amstars Amelia Horne Margaret Horne 7:46 1730*#
819 Lost Ladies Rachel Drew Kym Skerman 7:58 1720
869 WOCers Ellie Molloy Stuart Engleback Sophie Harrison 7:51 1660#
876 Simon & Jeff Simon Rea Jeff Wedgewood 7:55 1580
891 Maxsacs Nev Wells Paul Rust Grant Hildreds 8:00 1470
818 Walking Wonders Jenny Cossey Ian McCabe 7:44 1440#
822 Hellish Lyn Helliwell  Mike Helliwell (Amber Helliwell DNS) 7:33 1360*
817 Liz and Dave Liz Nicholson Dave Bashford 7:53 1350#
815 Glass Frogs Gints Malzubris Janis Pavarnieks Agnija Delina 7:53 1340
877 Blackberry Jam

Bob Breukers Dave Clarke

7:44 1220*
850 3 Tararua Trampers Yvette Cottam Angela Minto Tina Bishop 7:56 1190
886 Bog Trotters Ian Harrison Andrew Begbie Ross McCullun 7:56 1170
821 Out & About Janet Dobbie Bernie Homes 8:02 1130*
816 404 Not Found Cilla Harnett Josie Leckie DNS  
846 Winging It Billy Rodenburg Sally Novis DNS  
865 The Flying Takahes

Mike Fee Christine Visser

883 Carr Kendons Phil Kendon Harriette Carr Joined Others  
495 Team Payne Josh Payne Nick Payne 3:56 1170
401 Classic Sam Walton Tom Wu 3:56 1110
499 Kath and Cam Katherine Allen Cameron Durno 3:57 1000#
452 Lightning Speed Robots Kelvin Thiele Cameron Thiele (12yrs) Bradley Thiele (9yrs) 4:05 820
473 Applause Arthur Klap Victor Klap Gary Dick 3:53 730
466 Aotearoa Eels

Jo Holden Chris Sherwood (Heather Kirkham DNS)

3:55 710
496 What Runners Do Orsi Vincze Chandima Kulathilake Victoria Apablaza Mena 3:57 640*#
497 Lauren and Kat Lauren Kendon Katherine Winter accompanied Phil Kendon 3:56 630
479 Peka Heads Ashley Christie Bruce Baldwin 3:56 580
478 A+B Beverley Holder Anna Engleback 3:58 570
474 O2 Not Be Late! Nikki Braniff-Jones Helga Grant 3:57 390
400 Sudsie Ben Sutherland, Bella (15), Darcey (6) and Hazel (4) 3:49 220
472 No Direction Val Spooner Karen Orr Sara Best Susan Flynn 3:58 220*#
424 Powerpuff-ing Girls Vida Fox Jonti Cullen Hannah Andrews >4:30 (1010)
457 The Staffordians Melanie Cotterill Jane Boydon DNS  
480 Sweaty Sox John Leonard David Cooke DNS  
468 Grid Search Steve McKinstry Thom Charles W/Drawn  


Claims: the stated policy is designed to be objective as far as possible without going out to each site.

Control 46. We think the hut in the middle of the circle, and its woodshed, were green (Delta Lodge). 9 teams out of 24 gave red or brown answers. It is possible that this was Boar Inn, the DOC hut on the edge of the circle (70m away). This is a substantial number and there may have been some deficiencies in the mapping here. These answers have been accepted.

Control 82. We think the right answer for the number of benches was 2. But 7 teams out of 27 said 3. This is a significant number and it is possible that there was another bench in the vicinity. These answers have been accepted. The one team which answered 1 has been disallowed.

Control 10. Three claims, 11 successful finds. These claims have not been allowed.

Controls with one claim (successful finds in brackets): 81(33), 72(32), 42(31), 56(22), 62(15), 71(14), 41(8). You should not be surprised that these have been disallowed:-))

Course planners: Keri Devine and Rob Smith. Organisation: Michael Wood. On the day: John Robertson, Kelvin Thiele, Cameron Thiele and Bradley Thiele. The Dept of Conservation looks after Rimutaka Forest Park, and our access has been helped by arrangements made nationally between DOC and Orienteering New Zealand. Thanks to local DOC staff Daryl Stephens and Roger Pope.