Entries for the Tour de Porirua are now open. There's an online entry form here, and you can pay by internet banking. There is no paper entry form, if this presents a problem then talk to us, we'll find a way. 

We would prefer you to enter by 24 Nov but will accept late entries - in this case, factor in the late fee when calculating how much to pay. Yes you can enter on the day while we have enough maps, but turn up early to do the extra paperwork. 

We often get an enquiry for a partner, and you sometimes lose a team member to injury. Please contact us if you want to come but haven't got a team - this applies right up to the day. Dang - we've lost the "Contact" tab. OK, use kelvinthiele at gmail.com.


The entry fees simply cover mapping and printing, use of the base facilities, food afterwards, insurance, and the mileage our precious volunteers have done in repeated visits for course planning. There won't be frills like spot prizes, we put all our efforts into the map and course. The fees go like this:

  • $40 per person for the 6-hour rogaine, and $30 for the 3-hour.
  • Take off $5 if you belong to an orienteering club or rogaine association.
  • But add $10 if you enter after the "normal entry date"


Can you divide by 2? If you're mathematically challenged then simply forget these discounts, haha!

  • HALVE the resulting figure if you live north of Lake Taupo or south of Cook Strait. We love to have travellers and it will cost you to get here!
  • HALVE the result if you're a full-time student. Yes you can have half of a half if you qualify for both!
  • PAY NOTHING if you're at primary or intermediate school as at the event date (but you must be in a team with an adult)

Some FAQ's:

  • The date we would like to receive entries by is 24 Nov. Use the late fee if the payment will arrive after this.
  • The bank account number is 030502 0316515-01. Note that this (Westpac) is different from four years ago which you might possibly still have in your internet banking payees - please check.  Use a reference of B19 in the first reference field, and the team or leader name in the second.
  • If it's a cheque make it to "Orienteering Hutt Valley" and post it to "BigTrig Rogaine", Box 30398, Lower Hutt
  • If you can't make it, let us know by the closing date. We'll do a refund when the dust settles.
  • After that, refunds only for circumstances beyond your control and at our discretion.
  • Additions and subtractions to teams, new mobile number, change of distance, well there are so many permutations that you'd better send us an email. Contact Kelvin Thiele, see above.


Entry List so far. We have compiled a Team Number from the duration (6 or 3) and the last three of digits from your entry reference number. If you want to talk to us about your entry (changes etc) you can quote either number. This is the list up to 30 Nov (midday), subject to verifying your payment. Late entries available subject to limited extra maps, be in quick.

T/No Team Name Members Time Score Place
6719 The Ancient Bruisers  Alex Manktelow Ben Cartwright 6hrs    
6724 L2  Leon Perrie Lara Shepherd 6hrs    
6725 One Lima  Nick Mead Hugh Taylor 6hrs    
6730 The Flying Takahes  Jenny Visser Mike Fee 6hrs    
6731 Time for a Cuppa  Phil Kendon Hariette Carr 6hrs    
6734 Probably Going to Walk Most of It  Kirsty van Reenen Natasha Tomic Claire Conwell 6hrs    
6735 Mainly Eating  Claire Baldwin Lucy Baker Sarah McIntyre 6hrs    
6744 Off Piste  Mark Hearfield AJ Millward 6hrs    
6757 Stray the Course  Mark Malone Bill Trompetter Glen Warner 6hrs    
6760 Chavtastic Chicks  Val Spooner Claire MaxInnes Rosemary Hall Sarah Painter 6hrs    
6788 Silver Foxes  Arthurr Klap Gary Dick 6hrs    
6789 Rock Hoppers  Thomas Czertowicz Jess Hillman 6hrs    
6796 Colonial - A Bit Passee?  Michael Wood Graeme Silcock 6hrs    
6797 BSR  Marta Zanetti Jean Beaumont Alastair Shelton Bradley Houghton 6hrs    
6800 Tim + Ash  Tim Lamb Ash Stewart 6hrs    
6801 Magnetic Deviation  Gillian Ingham Malcolm Ingham 6hrs    
6805 Rough Diamonds  Jen Thornburrow Bridget Burt 6hrs    
6806 #nojakesnolaras  Lizzie Ingham Stuart Engleback 6hrs    
6810 Ellie & Marina  Ellie Molloy Marina Comeskey 6hrs    
6811 Lost in Pace  Keri Devine Rob Smith 6hrs    
6813 Lez Go  Anna Brooke Steph Scheirlinck 6hrs    
6814 JoKens  Jo McKenzie Ann Kendon 6hrs    
6816 Pince Mies  Mary McBride Jenny Cassie 6hrs    
6817 The Kakarikis  Alan Teesdale Ollie Taylor Ryan Topp Micah Wratt 6hrs    
6824 Running Joke  Joanne Elleouet Blake Johnstone 6hrs    
6826 Running On Empty  Kiri Shibahara Jack Braddick 6hrs    
3722 Witness the Fitness  Anna Baumgren Vonne Jones Anna Priestley Julie Marks 3hrs    
3727 A Walk in the Park  Sarah Holland Ben Holland 3hrs    
3729 This Way Up  Anna Cornelius Maree Spence Julia White 3hrs    
3732 Team Curtis  Felicity Curtis Richard Curtis George Curtis Tom Curtis 3hrs    
3776 102 Not Out  Al Cross Nigel Corry 3hrs    
3795 The Lost Birds  Katrina Chandler Alix Pratt Sarah Warmington Phoebe Edge 3hrs    
3798 Team Crawford  Gerald Crawford Tim Crawford 3hrs    
3799 Jordan  Jordan Taylor Charlotte Holdsworth Cameron Reid Mark Coetzee 3hrs    
3802 Newbees Take 2  MJ Cook Roz Griffiths 3hrs    
3803 Bogan Bikers  Fiona Thomson Libby McCulloch 3hrs    
3804 First Run of the Year  Christopher Dewhurst Gemma Green 3hrs    
3807 Kareering Karearea  Simon Faulkner Isabelle Faulkner Elliot Faulkner Kate Whelan Jenny Prince 3hrs    
3808 Ben + Celia  Celia Melville Ben Eveleigh 3hrs    
3809 The Boys  Nicholas Green Alexander Prichard 3hrs    
3812 Old, Lame and Pregnant  Ross Bidmead Hazel Bidmead Keri Gunn 3hrs    
3815 Hurry Up Dad!  Andrew McLellan Jake McLellan Morag McLellan 3hrs    
3818 Only Fools and Horses  Gareth Robinson Sophie Aitchison Christina Totina Elisabet Hesvik Henry Fisher 3hrs    
3819 Chariots of Fire  Mark Lee Shona McAuley Yenfei Chan 3hrs    
3820 Knight Riders  Howard Storey Jessica Wong Lucy Blackbourne 3hrs    
3821 Kentala  Tara Kendon Lauren Kendon 3hrs    
3822 Back Again  Charlotte Schorling Lisa Player Fiona Julian 3hrs    
3823 To the Colonial Knob Ends Henry Collingridge Steve Peters 3hrs    
3825 CONCREW Mike O'Connor Kath O'Connor 3hrs