Enter online here and pay by internet banking. There is no paper entry form, if this presents a problem then talk to us, we'll find a way. 

We would prefer you to enter by 23 Nov but will accept late entries - in this case, factor in the late fee when calculating how much to pay. Yes you can enter on the day while we have enough maps, but turn up early to do the extra paperwork. 

We often get an enquiry for a partner, and you sometimes lose a team member to injury. Please contact us if you want to come but haven't got a team - this applies right up to the day. Dang - we've lost the "Contact" tab. OK, use michael dot wood at mapsport.co.nz. Or phone him at 04 566 2645


The entry fees simply cover mapping and printing, use of the base facilities, food afterwards, insurance, and the mileage our precious volunteers have done in repeated visits for course planning. There won't be frills like spot prizes, we put all our efforts into the map and course. The fees go like this:

  • $40 per person for the 9-hour rogaine, $35 for the 6-hour and $30 for the 4-hour.
  • Take off $5 if you belong to an orienteering club or rogaine association.
  • But add $10 if you enter after the "normal entry date"


Can you divide by 2? If you're mathematically challenged then simply forget these discounts, haha!

  • HALVE the resulting figure if you live north of Lake Taupo or south of Cook Strait. We love to have travellers and it will cost you to get here!
  • HALVE the result if you're a full-time student. Yes you can have half of a half if you qualify for both!
  • PAY NOTHING if you're at primary or intermediate school in 2017 (but you must be in a team with an adult)

Some FAQ's:

  • The date we would like to receive entries by is Thu 23 November. Use the late fee if the payment will arrive after this.
  • The bank account number is 030502 0316515-01. Note that this (Westpac) is different from two years ago which you might possibly have in your internet banking payees - please check.  Use a reference of B17 in the first reference field, and the team or leader name in the second.
  • If it's a cheque make it to "Orienteering Hutt Valley" and post it to "BigTrig Rogaine", c/o Michael Wood, 5 Atahu Grove, Lower Hutt
  • If you can't make it, let us know by the closing date. We'll do a refund when the dust settles.
  • After that, refunds only for circumstances beyond your control and at our discretion.
  • Additions and subtractions to teams, new mobile number, change of distance, well there are so many permutations that you'd better send us an email. Contact Michael Wood, see above.


Entry List as at end of 1 Dec 17. We have compiled a Team Number from the duration (9, 6 or 3) and the last couple of digits from your entry reference number. If you want to talk to us about your entry (changes etc) you can quote either number.

T/No Team Name Members Time Night? Score
934 Getting On Famously Bill English, Jacinda Adern and Winstone Peters 9hrs Yes  

Sponsored by Student Loan Katie Malthus, Libby Malthus, Ali Burrell 6hrs No  
937 Flying Takahes Jenny Visser, Mike Fee 9hrs No  
938 The Sixties Arthur Klap, Victor Klap, Gary Dick 9hrs Yes  
339 Dynamic Duo Fiona Wharton, Xena Proudfoot 3hrs No  
340 O'Sullivan Sarah O'Sullivan, Ben O'Sullivan 3hrs No  
343 Spoofers Derek Lee, Robert Cuthbert 3hrs Yes  
648 98 Not Out Nigel Corry Al Cross 6hrs No  
657 Out for a Wander Gerald Crawford, Brent Bursson 6hrs No  
966 Moose on the Loose Tim Farrant, Theo Wordsworth 9hrs Yes  
373 Out & About Janet Dobbie Anna Engleback 3hrs No  
674 Alan, Alan, Alan, Simon! Simon Teesdale, Alan Teesdale 6hrs No  
975 Chocoholics Ben Nistor, Karsten Lorentz 9hrs Yes  
676 Walking Wonders Ian McCabe, Jenny Cossey 6hrs No  
677 Bewildered Kirsty van Reenan, Natasha Tomic, Juliet Milne, Mark Bestbier 6hrs No  
378 Kina O Pat van Berkel, Ocean Mercier 3hrs No  
680 Stephanie and Hannah Hannah Charan-Dixon, Stephanie Farrant 6hrs No  
382 O2 No More Nikki Braniff-Jones, Helga Grant 3hrs No  
383 The Cherry Bombs Hilary Hopkinson, Angela Sheppard, Mel Burgess, Virginia Meyer 3hrs No  
684 ConCrew Mike O'Connor, Roderick O'Connor 6hrs No  
985 CarrKen Phil Kendon, Harriette Carr 9hrs No  
386 PSAG Andy Newman, Andrew Swan 3hrs Yes  
987 My Generation Jerome Sheppard, Liam Drew, Jill Westenra, Nathan Sheppard 9hrs Yes  
988 Control Geeks Jon Dallimore, Emily Walby, Jeremay Stewart 9hrs No  
689 The Staffordians Melanie Cotterill, Jane Boyden 6hrs No  
390 Los Scotch Ale Orsolya Vincze, Victoria Apablaza, Patrick Aldridge 3hrs No  
991 L2 Leon Perrie, Lara Shepherd 9hrs No  
392 Rainbow Sparkles Dana Carter, Scott Scrimgeour 3hrs No  
993 Running Wild Billy Rodenburg, Jesse Watt 9hrs Yes  
695 Jokens Jo McKenzie, Ann Kendon 6hrs No  
696 Sudienakadamie BA Glachau (Ger) Eric Wallschlaeger, Christian Seifert 6hrs No  
697 Th eUnpronounceables Scott Kearney, Brechtsje Tacoma 6hrs No