What's New 2017

16 Nov The "Nitty Gritty" section has all the info you need to take part. Entries are due next week, on 23 Nov. See who your rivals are, on the "Enter" page.

19 Oct 17 Entries Open

20 Sep 17 Flyer published. Print it and stick it up at work, etc.

15 Sep 17 The 2017 Big Trig will be in Belmont Regional Park. It will offer 3, 6 and 9hours rogaining on Sunday 3 Dec. And in a new twist, you can do 3 of your hours in the dark on Saturday 2 Dec, for a 20% points premium! Entries will open in October.

30 Aug 17 This year's Big Trig will be on 2 and/or 3 December. Stand by for length options and location. Mark  Malone is in charge.