What's New 2019

12 Dec 19 Some mathematical errors have been fixed, and a big one results in positions 3-4-5 in the 3hr category moving up to 2-3-4. Well done especially to teams with juniors!

2 Dec 19 Provisional resuslts have been published. Planner Kelvin Thiele says:

"Well done to all the teams who took part in the 2019 Big Trig.  I hope you enjoyed exploring some of the fantastic bush around Porirua.  This was a tough course with big hills and deep gullies.  Looking at the results, the winning teams all went for the high points that were deep in the gullies.  So well done.  Hopefully the the points rewarded your efforts. Only a couple of teams went as far North as Titahi Bay - which is what we had hoped for.  There was some more more interesting terrain in the bush so well done on taking on the challenge. All teams that claimed 32 were rewarded with the points (I think a cow ate the ribbon).  All other CPs had the majority of teams find the ribbons. Well done, and hopefully we will see you again at next year's rogaines."

25 Nov 19 Big entries for the Big Trig especially the 3hr section. As at close of normal entries there were 24 teams in the 6hr and 20 in the 3hr. See who your rivals are on the "Enter" page. Late entries are available subject to the limits of the map printing.

20 Nov 19 Course planner says: "Tough? I will show you tough." Entries are due by Sunday 24th. The start location has been announced: Camp Elsdon, in Raiha St, Porirua. 

31 Oct 19 Entries are now open.

14 Sep 19 The Big Trig 2019 will be on Sunday 1 Dec, in the wilds of Porirua. Durations will be 3 and 6 hours. Kelvin Thiele is at the helm. Entries will open in October.