The Big Trig 2021 - Entry Details

Note 1 Dec: As we approach entry close-off, be it known that we have a maximum for each of the rogaines. What happens when that is reached is your entry is put on a "wait-list". We may be able to accept more. (Remember the covid rules are not fully clear. We'll take you if we can!!!)

Remember also that we'll be in ORANGE in the traffic-light system. Its almost certain we will be requiring vax passes. If you are not double-dosed, and entered under the old Level 2 arrangements, we have our money-back offer.

Below are the principles we're working on. And here is the online entry form.

Fee Structure

The entry fee for a team needs to be paid once, for all team members. (OK we'll be glad to have additions but expect admin muckups as we discover and try to match your entries together! Bribes may help. We prefer pinot.) We don't provide medals, tee-shirts, spot prizes or bouncy castles. Just the best maps in the country and the experience that comes from 30 years of rogaining. The fee per person, before the generous discounts, is:

  • 1-hour rogaine $10
  • 2-hour rogaine $15
  • 3-hour rogaine $20
  • 4-hour rogaine $25
  • 5-hour rogaine $30
  • Adventure Rogaine $80 (includes the 3 Saturday rogaine fees)

If you are a member of an orienteering club or the NZRA, take off $5 for each rogaine, or $15 for the AR.

And if you are 13-20yrs on 31 December, halve everything.

And if you are under 13yrs on 31 December pay absolutely nothing - but you must be with a team member 21 or over! The shorter rogaines wil be ideal for family groups.

How to Enter

Head off to our online entry form. The closing date is Friday 3rd December 2021.


You can withdraw by letting us know by the closing date. We'll process a refund after the event when the pressure is off. After the closing date refunds are only for circumstances outside your control, and at our discretion.

What About Covid?

First, we think it likely that we'll be at Level 2, and we'll have a limit of 200 people at any one of the rogaines. If we go down to Level 1 we may be able to take this limit off.

Second, if Wellington goes to Level 3 or 4, or there are other covid rules that prevent us from running the event at all, we'll be as disappoinbted as you. In this case we'll make a full refund. But bear with us, it will probably be after the event date.