Wellington and Lower Hutt, 10-12th December 2021
Complete barring arithmetical errors

Premium Competition

This is the list of the teams entered for all or most of the rogaines. Actually we have included all who entered more than one. You may not be near the top but there could be some nice grudge matches among similar teams lower down and we hope you get fired up with the idea of a "multi-rogaine", where having a rest is built in!

Remember the scoring system: the winning team of the 1-hour rogaine gets 1000 "superpoints", and other teams get a proportion of that. The winner of the 2-hour gets 2000 superpoints, and so on to 5000 superpoints for the 5-hour. We have been fairly liberal in allowing team composition changes, short of counting teams of two which swap a person - that's a fairly big proportion of the team. Adventure Rogaine teams were really competing under different conditions (shown as *) but we have included the 2hr, 4hr and 5hr for them.

Team Members 2hr 1hr 3hr 4hr 5hr Total
BARTGreg Thurlow Matt Bixley Imogene Scott157893430003918461814048
The SlavsMarciej Surowiec Alex Lark167285224243959442713334
Nutrient RescueDarron Jones Dave Quested2000**4000429910299
Escaped for the WeekendBilly Rodenburg Jesse Watt140665620863423261110182
The Old ChicksDebbie Mansfield Julie Gordon10315901848354628669881
L2Leon Perrie Lara Shepherd1125 1828284525168314
Go Giddy GoudaArran Whiteford Patrick de Jong Sam Robson Joanne Ellouet1375**317534718021
MotataCruJonathan Wood Pete Cameron1516 1887 37907193
Sadam RogaineSam Eames Sam Coombs 100025233299 6822
Heads Left Tails RightAngus Watson Sam Eames Sam Coombs1813   50006813
Double TroubleNatasha Furness Amy Tang1422 1212 30255659
Rolling in the deepAlex Manktelow Jack Garden  23052804 5109
Quality TimeLen Rodenburg Pam Rodenburg6414431411 22614756
Kendra & coAngus Watson Grace Seeley 41016292515 4554
Run Grumpy Finish HappyMike O'Connor Simon Derbyshire1359   29304289
Onslow BlueJake McLellan Morag McLellan Isla McKenzie1219   28664085
Like Kittens in a BlenderRich Ford Stewart Alderson Stephen Haran David Foster Lucas Reed781   31213902
The Flying TakahesJenny Visser Mike Fee 47514501897 3822
Billtong PizzaMarta Zanetti Jimmie Fourie Danie Leonard1453   21663619
Twalk TwainingChristopher Dewhurst Gemma Green1063**70116243388
Thompson & Thom(p)sonAlex Thompson Troy Thompson 6562364  3020
Puriri PloddersAndrew Riddle Jeanette Riddle1094   18792973
PandaPhil White Ann Mortimer1172**1691 2863
Old CodgersPeter Thompson Ian Howat 5251232  1757
Kina OPat van Berkel Ocean Mercier Ros Connolly  1132 5731705
Health High Whoooop!Natasha Clode Anita Krammer Sammie Price Josie Grover 4921212  1704
This Way UpAnna Cornelius Maree Spence Ruth Berry328   13691697
Strange FruitMegan Carr Brian Andrews438 695  1133
CamaTamaAlanna Andrews Cam Moore Tamsin Royson Eleanor Royson656 437  1093
TrigstersJanice Kang Claire Honeywill Fiona Hood Lucinda Chiu April Chiu  1033 01033