Tour de Wainuiomata, 10th November 2018

Here are the 2018 results, arithmetic checked. (Your maths was very good!) Claims are decided objectively by your "votes". Claims for 63 and 74 disallowed, 8 and 10 teams respectively found them. Claim for 73 allowed, a substantial proportion (1 out of 2) had trouble. And link here to see the top routes.

Another way to see where teams went is via the Strava Flybys feature (thanks for the link Mark). Before displaying route or running the animation you should select all EXCEPT Colm (who was not on the rogaine), and one of these tracks as they were in the same team: Mark and Glen; Rob and Jo; Alistair and Lisa. Enjoy!

6 Hour Rogaine

Team Name Members GROSS NET Place
688 Lightning Speed Robots Kelvin Thiele Richard Persson 1190 -20L 1170 1
698 PECKA HEADS Ashley Christie Josh Payne   1070 2
660 100 NOT OUT! Al Cross Nigel Corry   1010 3
680 Don't you Deer Marta Zanetti Guy Mexted   930  
676 Comarades Vagabundos Robert Harrow Jo Forbes   900  
689 The Jogglers Mark Hearfield Jill Westenra Mary McBride 900 -20L 880  
690 Team Wal Katherine Allen Mark Wallace   840  
682 Onslow Get2Go Kiri Shibahara Megan Chaytor Louise Anscombe Fran Wright Johns Ben Mitchell Ryan Joe Sam Harris   810  
674 Canucks Alistair and Lisa Howard   800  
691 Jen and Jerry's Jenny Cassie Jerome Sheppard   800  
687 MnG Glen Warner Mark Malone   750  
686 Simon and Mike Simon Rea Mike O'Connor 820-60L 760  
678 Blood Sweat and Beers Vic McMurdo Rhod Lacey 910 -150L 760  
600 Lost and Found Tiffaney Lester Iain McIver   710  
699 WOCers Ellie Molloy Stuart Engleback   690  
692 Pumped up kicks Andrew Esler Max Stummer   580  
647 LAM+C=CLAM Mike, Lyn, Amber and Chris Helliwell   550  
697 360 degree error Alan Teesdale Ryan Topp 570 -30L 540  
679 LOL (Little Old Ladies) Jean Beaumont Billie Marshall   530  
677 As Easy as ACC Laura Kearney Rachel Callinan Julie Hopkins 570 -100L 470  
673 Walking Wonders Ian McCabe Jenny Cossey   DNF  

3 Hour Rogaine

Team Name Members GROSS NET Place
381 Keeping Up with the Jones's Nikki Braniff-Jones Reno Jones   380 1
394 2D's Benjamin and Darcy Sutherland   280 2
375 Beazer Bootcamp Anna Baumgren Charlotte Schorling Lisa Player 290 -40L 250 3
385 Maddx2

Greg and Nicole Maddigan

(bent the rule about max lateness:-))

490 -410L 80  
362 FaWa Fanny Marsolat Ariel Waserhole 3hrs DNS