What is it?

Rogaines are navigational contests with a fixed time limit for teams on foot.

"Big" means it's bigger than our regular after-work rogaines and "Trig" means there are some hills!

There will be a 1hr rogaine, a 2hr, 3hr, 4hr and a 5hr rogaine, with good gaps between. You can choose one or more, with a premium competition for teams which do them all. You can also choose a 15hr "adventure rogaine" with three rogaines joined together by mountain-biking.

When and Where?

Nothing is far from the Hutt Valley.. Friday night 2hrs in Wellington. Saturday 1+3+4hrs, and the 15hr "adventure rogaine" will enclose Lower Hutt. Sunday 5hrs will be in Belmont Regional Park. More particulars are in the Nitty Gritty section. There will be time for eating and cafe catch-ups. Or you just pick the ones you like.

You can arrive at the individual rogaines by car or (for the first 3) by public transport. Or for the adventure option, by bike.

More info

How do I enter?

Rogaines are for teams of 2–5 people, start working on your mates now. There is an online entry form, with entries closing at midnight Friday 3rd December 2021. Entries are open now, go to the Register page. You can see entries up to a few days ago here.

The events are subject to the laws of the land of course, including covid rules.