Hutt Eastern Hills, 12th December 2020

Planner: Simon Rea

Planner's commentary

Thanks for competing in the Big Trig. The weather was good and everyone seemed to enjoy the course. There was a total of 2360 points out there and the winning team scored 1980 so the length was just right.

That team was The Major Red Amoeba Trolls, Jon Dallimore and Tom Barr, so well done to them. For those that are interested their route was 12, 32, 50, 56, 25, 83, 54, 63, 46, 30, 28, 64, 29, 39, 92, 47, 59, 35, 82, 31, 38, 49, 72, 40, 65, 37, 36, 26, 48, 71, 57, 45, 33, 62, 61, 43, 24, 51, 52, 44, 53, 85, 34, and 84. They finished with 1 minute to spare

Winners of the 3 hour event were father and son team “Hurry Up Dad” comprising Andrew and Jake McLellan with 970 points. Well done to them as well

There were two controls that nobody was able to find. Control 43 was one of the first that I put out, around 2 months ago. It should have been easy to find so it has either come off the tree to which it was attached or someone has removed it. All claims were given. The other one was Control 40. This was put out two weeks ago. One team did find it, which makes me think that I’ve probably put it on the wrong bend in the track. All claims were given.

  • Control 64 was claimed by two teams but 26 teams found it – claim not given
  • Control 33 was claimed by 1 team but 9 teams found it – claim not given
  • Control 44 was claimed by 3 teams but 21 teams found it – claim not given
  • Control 83 was claimed by 2 teams but 9 teams found it – claim not given
  • Control 85 was claimed by 1 ream but 22 teams found it – claim not given
  • Control 66 was claimed by 3 teams but 7 teams found it – claim not given
  • Control 29 was claimed by 1 team but 15 teams found it – claim not given

All controls were visited but control 58 was only visited by one team. Although it was easy to find I guess most teams decided that the walk up the hill wasn’t worth the 50 points.

One team had a team member who was working in the morning and asked if they could go from 4pm until 10pm, which means they had approximately 1 ½ hours in the dark. Because they are experienced rogainers I let them do that. They scored 1270 points and collected ribbons for me as they went. Thanks to Glen and Nicole.

Our last event of the year is an orienteering event at Maidstone Park in Upper Hutt on Wednesday evening. Our afterwork 3 hour rogaine series starts again in April and runs once a month through to November, and they are mainly in the dark. Keep an eye on the Orienteering NZ events calendar.

Have a good summer and thanks once again for entering The Big Trig.

6 Hour Results

Updated with revised penalties: 14/12/20 @ 8:30am

Team Members Time Total Penalty Score
Major Red Amoeba TrollsJon Dallimore5:59198001980
Tom Barr
Rogaine JoshNick On5:57182001820
Sam Robson
Marina & GabrielMarina Comeskey5:47174001740
Gabriel Jacobs Corban
Magnetic variationGillian Ingham5:57167001670
Lizzie Ingham
LOTC CS CompassLatham Fairhall5:54165001650
Emily Eastgate
Time for a CuppaPhil Kendon5:57161001610
Harriette Carr
L2Leon Perrie5:51149001490
Lara Shepherd
RGFH - Run Grumpy Finish HappyMike O'Connor5:54139001390
Simon Derbyshire
JoKensJo McKenzie5:57138001380
Ann Kendon
We are backJill Westenra5:50137001370
Jerome Sheppard
Jan Sheppard
Stray the CourseMark Malone6:00135001350
Bill Trompetter
Dragon HuntersKatherine Richards5:59134001340
Mike Brewer
MeMM (Me & Murray and Merryl)Jenny Cassie5:57129001290
Merryl Park
Murray Sim
Checkpoint 52Nicole Ranger5:59127001270
Glen Warner
Rough DiamondsJen Thornburrow5:53124001240
Bridget Burt
CannonballsLuke Mathieson5:57120001200
Mike Sherwin
AJAJemima de Lacey5:58114001140
Alice Kearton
Ashley Kearton
Around in circlesBilly Rodenburg5:57112001120
Sarah Novis
TotarasHannah Janssens5:55108001080
Joe McEwan
Quality TimeLen Rodenburg5:54105001050
Pam Rodenburg
Strange FruitMegan Carr5:50103001030
Brian Andrews
Roz Griffiths
Tim Griffiths
Te Mata GannetsJim Robertson5:328500850
Monique Milne
AssegaiJimmie Fourie6:201000200800
Morne Pienaar

3 Hour Results

Updated with revised penalties: 14/12/20 @ 8:30am

Team Members Time Total Penalty Score
Hurry up Dad!Andrew McLellan2:539700970
Jake McLellan
Welly Wander womenNicola Mitchell2:557700770
Siobhan Quayle
Sue Everton
Liceo vulpesOrsi Vincze3:14900140760
Chan Kulathilake
The Hungarian HorntailsHoward Storey2:557400740
Mark Lee
Agnes Gerlei
Three friends walk into a barNick Johns3:007300730
Lucy Blackbourn
Sophie Aitchison
Hulberts RevengeAndrew Bennett2:586400640
Dan Hulbert
Mark Bouwman
Kareering KareareaSimon Faulkner2:595900590
Elliot Faulkner
Jenny Prince
Chavtastic ChicksVal Spooner2:585300530
Claire MacInnes
Rosemary Hall
Sarah Painter
Picnic seekersAlice Elgar2:595200520
Jo Wright
Scarlett BossleyHoyte
Paula Dunne
Justin Tampeau
Very serious about the whole thingLisa Caulfield2:595000500
Vic McMurdo
Ewa Kusmierczyk
Anna Wells
Going somewherePenny Meredith3:004100410
Jessica Doube
Bathtub experienceIsabelle Faulkner3:3240020380
Hughan S
Andre A
Team M&MMarie Richardson2:593900390
Matt Cowie
'Dunno what we're doing!'Vanessa Ainsworth2:543200320
Tia Mckenzie
Lynda Byford
Emma Ross
3 Hilly Goats GruffYvette MICHALSKA3:14460140320
Kirsten Matheson
Grant Hemmingsen
Alistair Matheson
Georgia&JulietSarah Gardner2:403100310
Georgia Barrett-Dobson
Juliet Gardner
Ruth & JuliaJulia White2:593000300
Ruth Berry