What is it?

Rogaines are navigational contests with a fixed time limit for teams on foot.

"Big" means it's bigger than our regular after-work rogaines and "Trig" means there are some hills!

The main event is 6 hours long with a shorter 3 hour option.

Where is it?

It's in the eastern hills of the Hutt Valley.

The event centre is at Walter Mildenhall Park, on the corner of Everest Ave and Vogel St. Naenae – next to the Naenae swimming pool.

Please note that the parking on Everest Ave outside the shops and the pool is P120, so the best place to park is on Vogel St and Hollands Cres. Alternatively, catch the train to Naenae station — a couple of hundred metres from the event centre.

How do I enter?

Pull together a team of 2–5 members, choose its leader, and get them to complete the Registration form and pay the event fees.

Entries close midnight Tuesday 8th December.